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[TOC] Table of Contents

The Trilogy (2001)

flyer, split reality


With this very first play I tried to prevent losing my witts.   Because I was right in the middle of a crisis I found myself confronted with this question:   If you take away everything from Arnaud, all his stuff and all his shells, all his behaviour etc. -   what exactly is remaining?  
  Then Arnaud starts writing. . .

In everyone multiple personalities seem to exist.
  As soon as one of the sub-personalities becomes dominant the self-determination of the individual seems to suffer from it.   It is quite difficult to integrate all the different parts of your personality, you see.
  That's why it is nice to have those personalities fighting off each other in a play,   and meanwhile watch if it procures enlightenment, amusement or relaxation.

It all starts with a true gentleman who has become very evil due to circumstances. (part 1). (source: adventure-game Riven CD5:Gehn).

The introduction of the Euro is represented by Mr.Watson (EU), a young British boy who grew up in Brussels and has become a true European indeed. His handling of english however is so disturbingly sodden that the aid of Mr.Teacher (UK) - utter rightwing tory - had to be called in (part 2).

About reverend 'The Reb' Rascall - who is not suffering from his dipsomania at all - I can be very brief: Amen to that! (part 3)

(AR, May 24, 2005)

flyer, Merleyn 2001


flyer, Steigertheater 2002


  Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys.
  Welcome to the opening performance of the Trilogy by Vox Humana,
  Which is latin of pots . . . meaning 'human voice'.

  This performance is regularly interrupted by long pauses.
  That is, at least two, well, this is a . . . . trilogy !

  First, there is a short visit to a very evil man in his prison.
  Then follow Mr. Watson with his english teacher.
  Finally rev. Rascall will address this parish. (sigh & frown)

  I would like to ask for complete silence during the first part, please. . .
  This because of the required concentration.
  Hopefully there will not be any 'kink in the cable' . . . .
  ( Now thàt doesn't sound familiar . . . . ? ? ?)

  The performance will start in about 15 minutes.
  Enjoy . . . .

  © 2002/2005 VHP-AR

This video shows the whole speech.

You will be hearing the voice of 'Gehn', an imprisoned dictator. The text is known as Gehn's Speech and is derived from the adventure-game 'Riven'.

I was being focused of having 100 % control of this text.   I have practised this text hundreds of times but on two occasions only I have performed it in public: in 2001 in Merleyn and in 2002 in the Steigertheater (both in Nijmegen, NL).

The poor people in the Steigertheater were being terrorised for seven minutes in a horrible way.
'Gosh, how pitiful', they came to be amused, instead, they were being threatened to death. . . .

Because Gehn was being pushed in a wheelchair onto the stage. Starting off gently and soft-toned.
  Suddenly he leaves the wheel-chair up-right and walks straight to the audience intimidatingly.   Meanwhile he produces a stick out from his high cavalry-boots. As a drilling-officer with wide blue rider pants and white marine coat and cap he walks up and down the audience, looking them closely into the eyes;   intimidating and threatening.   But still with that particular eloquence and surely, always with a deadly smile. . .

And all this to the occasion of Maxima's wedding party. . . .

(AR, Nijmegen, March 31, 2018)

part 1 Confusion

           I apologize for the cage. . . . .
  (walk and breathe)
           I'm afraid this situation has often required of me a more 
  ( . )    primitive code of conduct than I might otherwise have chosen.
  (walk and breathe, gloves off)
           I am Gehn.
           I assume you have heard of me.    
  (walk and breathe)
  ( . )    Well, I suspect you have acquired some 
  ( . )    false information of who I am now.
           Not that my son would have lied to you about me.
           No, not Atrus, it's just that . . . .
           Well, I'm sure he believes me to still be the depraved father I once was.
           I even tried to kill him once.
  ( . )    God, if I had accomplished that who knows what I would have become.
           A great father indeed who tries to murder his own son.
           Thankfully, he trapped me on Age Five, a prison of my own creation.
           No books. . ., no precious inks. . ., no ages to link to . . .
           Nothing but my own. . .
  ( . )    foolish ambitions.
  ( . )    That was thirty years ago, 30 years, 30 lifetimes.
           What does it matter ?
           No sentence could be too harsh for the man I was.
  ( . )    But.
  (walk to front)
           I have changed.
           To be sure, the deeds of my past can never be completely atoned for,
           but my mission was an honourable one.
  (smoke a pipe)
  (. .)    I'm sorry.
  ( . )    This is all a bit awkward.
           I . . . . . .
  (walk and breathe)
  (. .)    It's been a long time 
           since I have attempted to persuade anyone of my intentions.
           Most of the people here have already made their minds up about me.
           One way or another.
  (. .)    I myself do not trust the words of most men.
           So, I don't expect you to believe me.
           In the end though, you may discover 
           that I do have more than mere words to offer.

  (. .)    Atruses choice of punishment has been hard on the people of Riven.
           And many have suffered because of it.
  ( . )    The island has been steadily decaying for years.
           But, according to my most recent measurements it appears that 
           the Fifth Age has entered it's final days.
  ( . )    Unless the villagers can be re-located soon 
           the Island will collapse entirely and everyone will perish.
           It has taken me a long time to do it, but.
           It appears that finally I'll be able 
           to make some substantial ammends to my past transgressions.
           Especially in.....
  ( . )    Well.
  ( . )    I'm afraid I have had some 
  ( . )    trouble with Catherine.
           And the Moiety.
  (walk backward and breathe)
           In any society there will always be a small percentage 
           of the population with 
  (. .)    rebelious tendencies.....
           Before Catherine appeared, the Moiety, as they call themselves, 
           had been relatively harmless.
           I mean.
           The natives here are a fairly violent people by nature.
           But I'd almost come to accept their presence.
           It seemed in-evitable under the circumstances.
           Upon Catherine's return, however, their violence intensified considerably.
           It seems she's become some sort of
  (. .)    religious saviour to them.
           And as far as I can tell, she has come to believe this herself.
           So, I've had no alternative:
  (walk to front and breathe)
           I had to separate her from her people.
           I must admit though that my concerns were not entirely for her safety alone.
           The actions of Catherine and the Moiety have put my own life at risk.
           On numerous occasions !
           Consequently, the lives of all the people here.
           Therefore I must ask you to refrain from any attempt to free her.
  ( . )    Although I am sure Atrus desires it.
           He must desire it with all his heart.
  ( . )    But he is completely unaware of her recent state.
  (breathe and walk away)
  (walk away and breathe)
  (. .)    I know that you arrived in the Fifth Age 
           with a book which was 
  ( . )    immediately stolen from you.
           Needless to say, it's re-acquisition is of interest to me.
  ( . )    Though my personal history with the Moiety 
           does not give me much hope for it.
  (look away)

           There is a chance you might somehow manage to retrieve it.
           If you do, I would ask for the safety of all concerned,
           that you bring it to me at your earliest opportunity.
  ( . )    Again, to be honest, my reasons here are partly selfish.
           There is so much yet to be resolved between Atrus and myself.
           Especially in light of what has become of Catherine.
  ( . )    In any case:
           My immediate concern is the completion of 
           the Sanctuary I have long promised to all the Islanders.
           In the meantime. 
  ( . )    As a token of my good intentions,
  ( . )    I will allow you... 
  ( . )    free access to my linking books . . . .,
           crude, though they may be,
           and to the rest of the Fifth Age.

  (walk and breathe, gloves on)
           As for the stolen linking book.
           We should probably not meet again until you've recovered it.
           I will know if you have succeeded and will await your return.

  (take stick and walk and breathe)
           Good luck with your search.
           I hope to see you back here shortly !
  (leave room)

  © 2001/2005 VHP-AR

  ( )   actor
  (.)   short pause
  (..)  pause
  (...) long pause
  { }   audience

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