the winner
Joseph R. Biden,
the 46th US-president

the loser
Donald Trump,
one-term US-president


About the US-elections 2020 and the dangerous transition from the last convulsions of Trumpism
onto the blissfull yet boring but enlightened governance by the Biden-Harris team

"The defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert state used by the United States Armed Forces. ...
It prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military.
It increases in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations." WikiPedia
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electoral map
source: Google (search string: US electoral map 2020)

Georgia Senate runoff election results
source: Google (search string: Georgia run off results) | NY Times for details
US elections 2020
Tuesday, November 3rd., 2020 presidential elections
Biden wins, Trump loses. See chart.

Tuesday, November 24th., 2020
Finally, the GSA has bowed to reality: the transition can materialize as of now.
Let's move on !

Monday, November 30th., 2020
Biden receives his first PDB as president-elect.

Tuesday, December 1st., 2020
Wisconsion and Arizona have certified the outcome of the state elections. So have Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada; leaving no room or doubt: all these states were won by Biden. (Georgia will follow suit.) {1}
There are no more possibilities for Trump to overturn the elections.

Monday, December 14th., 2020 (Electoral Votes are casted)
All states have certified the election results by the members of the Electoral Colleges: the Electors.
As was to be expected: Biden has over 270 (the winner) and Trump has under 270 (the loser) electoral votes.
Joseph R. Biden is now officially the elected president. Cheers ! {2}

Tuesday, January 5th., 2021 (Senate)
The runoff election in Georgia has tipped the balance of power in favour of Biden because two Democratic candidates were elected: Jon Orsoff and rev. Raphael Warnock (a great victory for the afro-american human-rights-movement) will be the new senators. The Senate will have 50 Democratic and 50 Republican senators; but, VP Kamala Harris will have the decisive vote, if need be. {3}
This Republican defeat in Georgia adds up to the desolate state of the GOP and it's schism we are witnessing.

Wednesday, January 6th., 2021 (Senate)
The Senate has certified the Electoral Votes confirming J. Biden as the new president of the USA. {4}
There were futile objections from renegade Republicans (Trumplicans) only to slow the process.
The inner divide in the GOP was being further underlined.
Before the certification under chairman Mike Pence could take place many Trump followers invaded Congress, occupying it for a couple of hours. The nation was being shocked by this coup-attempt to sabotage Biden's certification. The world was being appalled.
Trump was watching the riot on TV with borderline-delight; the man is mentally ill and now he is even being kicked off Twitter and Facebook (!). {5}
There is talk of invoking the 25th. Amendment; for example, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) has been calling for it. {6}

Tuesday, January 13th., 2021: president Trump has been impeached for the second time ! {7}

Tuesday, January 19th.: Senate has convened to debate the second impeachment, not in order to convict.
Sen. majority leader Mitch McConnell (R) would be pleased if the Senate would pass the impeachment bill in order to curtail Trumpism but - instead of whipping - leaves it to the senators' conscience. (Mitch is very angry with Trump).

Wednesday, January 20th., 2021 (Inauguration ceremony)
Joseph R. Biden has been sworn in as the 46th. president of the USA.
(As a precaution some 30000 troops of diverse National Guards secured the perimeter of the Capitol.)

Trias Politica

Executive: 1 president [POTUS] (and 1 vice-president, plus a cabinet),
Legislative: 435 members [REP] in the House of Representatives and 50 members [SEN] in the Senate, and
Judiciary: 9 members in the Supreme Court [SCOTUS].

Subtitled video by provoqio Trump's erratic behaviour since he lost, got me inspired to create this video.

Link2YouTube: DEFCON 3 - initial (Nov. 11th., 2020)
statement (voicemail, 11-11-20)

[KBK] You are listening to the KBK-Worldservice

You are listening to Arnaud Rasing from the Netherlands.

I've just been watching CNN - Chris Cuomo
interviewing John Brennan, former CIA-director.

I think it's advisable to the higher echelons of the american military to . . . 
. . . view [look] at all possible options the coming 70 days
regarding the unwillingness of mr. Trump to transfer power.

They should evaluate worst-case scenarios.
They should be worried about 'the case with the codes'.

He is creating an environment whereby the overview and control is [are] evaporating.
Which might be dangerous.
Just might be dangerous.

So, look into the matter, develop the scenarios and
be prepared to eventually intervene.

Goodday to you all, 
this was Arnaud from the Netherlands.

[Ozzy] Right mate, have a nice day!

subtitled video by provoqio Dancing to this music, playing it loud twice, shouting 'YES !' thrice, at home,
to celebrate Biden-Harris' victory. I did. Hence this video.

Link2YouTube: Billie Holiday - Georgia on my mind (1941) subtitled
statement (voicemail, 11-11-20)


It appears that Georgia - with 16 electoral votes - is turning blue in the US Presidential Election of November 3rd., 2020.
If president-elect mr. Joseph R. Biden (D) wins Georgia as well, he will have 306 electoral votes in all (as AZ - with 11 electoral votes - also turned blue on november 13th.).

Meanwhile, one week after Biden got elected, the incumbent president mr. Donald Trump (R) still does not want to concede.
The latter degrading democracy and endangering the transistion process.
This election proves to be solid and sound with no fraud or significant irregularities at all.
Still, Trump will not admit his loss and keeps saying (and tweeting) that the elections 'are being rigged' in an effort to deligitimize Biden's victory.
Mr. Trump is a sore loser, behaving like a young child craving for attention, always pointing to himself as if he would be the greatest showmaster on earth.

Please note, this is all happening during a very painfull and worsening pandemic, in fact, a humanitarian disaster of the first degree.
Biden-Harris c.s. will take on the virus and will defeat it, but meanwhile Trump ('Don the Con') speaks with no word about this tragedy.
Besides, more and more americans stand in food lines, are afraid to be evicted from their homes, stand jobless and are worrying constantly.
After months of negotiations there is still no relief-bill, hence, no help nor consolation.

If for some obscure reason 'there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump-administration (Mike Pompeo)' the so-far democratic US-government would effectively be turned into a fascist regime, sparking unprecedented social unrest and even armed conflicts within the USA. {8}
So, it is about time the Republican Party revolts against Trump and paves the way to cooperate with the coming Biden-administration - turning it into a blissfull success.
By doing so the democratic principles will be preserved and the US will continue on it's path to be a 'more perfect union'.

Full report, November 20-25th, 2020

Click 'm: ≚ View ≙ Collapse

DEFCON 3.1 - revision 7


Trump has still not conceded after he lost the presidential election.
It should be noted that every election in which Trump participated has been qualified by him as being 'rigged', or 'a hoax' or 'fraudulent'.
On his behalf several lawsuits were filed in an attempt to deligitimize elections, well, only in the states he lost, of course.
All 32.5 cases were being dismissed simply because no evidence of voter fraud could be produced.
No evidence? No case! {9} {10} {11}



Republican senator Lindsay Graham has appoached conservative officials in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia in an attempt to have democratic ballots removed.
He is being strongly criticized for this action as he has no mandate whatsoever to do as such; it certainly looks very suspect and it is concerning.
Mr. Graham (NC) is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and not a member of any Security or Election Committee.
The republican secretary of state in Georgia - mr. Brad Raffensperger - refused to comply to mr. Grahams's subtle wishes. {12}
Now, mr. Raffensperger and his family are under protection since serious threats have been addressed to him because he has been qualified in a tweet by Trump as being a RINO : a Republican in name only.
It must be noted that the Republican Party is concerned about maintaining the majority in the Senate as the balance could be tipped by early January when Georgia decides who will be sent to the Senate - in runoff elections -, crucially the number of republicans involved. {13}

In a further attempt to change the outcome of the elections, this time in Michigan, the votes from Clark-county were not being certified.
This is unprecedented.
If it were not for the Michiganders themselves who were really outraged by this action to try to steal their votes, Michigan might have been flipped to red.
About 80 percent of Detroit (the largest city in Clark-county) is of afro-american descent mainly voting for the Democratic Party.
Fortunately, the Black Vote has not been stolen or altered by Trump's henchmen in yet another effort to block Biden's presidency.
The state of Wisconsin also, has their focus, demanding recounts and delaying, altering or stopping certification in the mainly democratic Dane- and Milwakee-counties.

Furthermore, the incumbent president Trump has moved the nation to an even more vulnerable position by firing - rather heroically - via Twitter the impartial mr. Chris Krebs {14} - head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) - for telling the plain truth for he has asserted that the elections were free, fair and very secure.
Much to the dismay of Trump who wants to proclaim the narrative that the elections were being fraudulent (in the blue states only, of course).


Attorney General Bill Barr has told the Department of Justice (DOJ) 'to probe election fraud claims if they exist'. {15} {16} {17}
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly stated that 'there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump-administration'.
So far we haven't heard much of vice-president Mike Pence, but, HHS-secretary Alex Azar is blocking the transition also by stating he is following procedures because the General Services Administration (GSA) has not yet affirmed the president-elect.
Because - a Trump appointee - miss Emely Murphy (GSA) has not signed the papers needed for funding the transition and opening up channels and resources. . .


Because Trump feels disappointed by the lack of support by Fox News, he is moving his toxic messages to even more right-wing media like NewsMax, having his senior legal advisor mr. Rudi Giuliani (R) to launch a corrosive propaganda campaign.

Of course, his well-paid secretary of propaganda mr. Giuliani - who should know better - is the chosen one for radiating lies and unsubstantiated theories as he has tied himself to Trump's fate.
In a 7 quarters pressmeeting Rudy and his legal team have exposed and degraded themselves as tellers of fairytales, lies and conspiracy theories in support of Trump and thereby strongly denying reality and dangerously feeding Trump's base with more BS.
This pressconference might be considered as a mental preparation for a "coup d'état" by Trump c.s.


In seperate moves the current president is preparing for war
as this would rally the american people behind the president and create even more chaos.

First he has fired his secretary of defence mr. Mark Esper, who has pledged allegiance to the Constitution and not to mr. Trump personally. {18}
Mr. Christopher C. Miller has replaced mr. Esper for he is a Trump loyalist and not someone who would oppose deployment of US-troops in US-streets,
nor would resist troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan,
nor would reject a military strike on a nuclear site in Iran {19} ,
nor would object to stirring up the tensions in Israël (through Mike Pompeo visiting illegal settlements and the Golan-height).

Shortly thereafter several Pentagon officials in key positions have been replaced by Trump with certified mentally retarded loyalists without military-grade backbones (spines).
Exactly the kind of people Trump moves in front in a ever wider range around him.



So, in short, the dictatorship is materializing right under our noses. {20}
Expect to witness more abuse of power by president Trump to cling to power as he feels that the end justifies the means. {21}

Since the outcome of the election, the Republican Party is remaining silent,
being helpfull to hamper the transition process and degrade democracy even further,
as the majority of Republicans is being afraid of and obedient to mr. Donald Trump.
Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is setting the example here. {22}
Well, a handfull did speak out on starting the transition without further delay like the decent senator Mitt Romney for instance.

Public servants all took an oath, pledgeing allegiance to the Constitution and the People;
to put country before party, vowing onto God, thus, clearly not to mr. Trump personally.
But mr. Trump is
not playing by any book,
nor following the rules,
nor telling the truth,
nor protecting the citizens,
nor having a sense for dignity, honour and decency.
He is not intrinsicly democratic by nature.
He is not even ashamed of proving to be an authoritarian ruler, a pathological liar,
a sociopath, a populist, a demagogue and plain racist - all together.

Nowadays, about 70 % of republicans believe that Biden won due to 'voter fraud', a poll revealed.
Serving to illustrate the erosion of trust in the political system.

Finally, Trump's scorched-earth strategy is aiming to ensure that Biden would inherit a total mess,
in an utterly divided country with a growing number of sick, worried, empoverished, frustrated and somewhat angry citizens.


Now, big questions arise
'How will mr. Trump go down in history ?',
'What will be his historical title ?' and
'How will he be referred to ultimately?'.

Here, I dare to present some nice suggestions:
Vladko Trumpochenko,
Dongsi Trum-Ping,
Döner Trumpogan,
il Trumpificatore,
el Presidente Trumpochet,
le Super-Corrompeur,
de Zelf-Gemachtigde Toxificateur-Generaal,
Herr Baron Staßifall von Großmaul biß Händchen und Eckerstoß,
Don-bla Trumpescu-bla or
Donaldiño Trumponaro.

Anyway, hopefully he will not be remembered as 'General Bull-y-Zuck'.
Well, most probably it will be 'Captain Covid' (courtesy Chris Cuomo).
As the USA has now surpassed a quarter of a million deaths due to COVID-19.

To conclude, Mr. Trump's own favourite sentence
- as he is having the attention timespan of a fruitfly (John Bolton)-
is quite appropriate here :
"We'll see what happens".

DEFCON 3.1 - report : conclusion and personal note 2020

Link2YouTube: DEFCON 3.1 - report (2020) subtitled
DEFCON 3.1 video
This video only jumps to the conclusion of the report and adds my funny personal take on top.

Trump failed in leadership during the pandemic
Trump covid superspeader event

COVID 19 - pandemic in the USA
The pandemic is wreaking havoc in the States.
On Thanksgiving 2020, November 26th., the total number of infected people is exceeding 13.8 million and the number of deaths is over 268731 people. (source:

If a plane crashes it will be in the news everywhere.
If 5 planes crash in the same week the aviation industry would be very alarmed.

Now, say, how many Boeing 747's would crash to have the same amount of casualties ?
The number of planes would be the number of deaths due to corona-virus divided by the plane's passenger capacity.

Boeing 747 class-1
passengers 416 524 660
number of planes 656 513 407

OK, let's assume we take the mixed version of 524 passengers per Boeing 747.
Meaning a total of 513 Boeings crashed, right?
Well, here are 513 pictures of the plane:

Click 'm: ≚ View ≙ Collapse

Alternatively, it could be compared to the the 9/11-attacks with 2977 casualties.
Implying the destruction of 90 Twin Towers, like:

So, that's what happening in the USA due to the pandemic.
Nowhere else in the world are there more deaths due to COVID-19 than in the States.
And the worst is yet to come. . . .

Trump in action
Trump pardons turkey at Thanksgiving (2020), photo Jakarta Post

Trump made the following statement by phone during a GOP hearing at Gettysburg, PA on Nov. 25th., 2020.

"The election was rigged, and we can't let that happen, and this election has to be turned around."
quote by Donald Trump, impeached one-term president

. . . (Trump is) "the first reversive president" (of the US) . . .
[(Jan-3-2021) expansion after WP-tape release, also : criminal and subversive]
quote by investigative journalist and author Carl Bernstein

Martial Law
(12-19-2020) ‘Trump is just itching to declare martial law’ :article by Jared Keller (Task and Purpose)
"Legal challenges are one thing, but Trump is clearly desperate to deploy the military to satisfy his own ends."
Arnaud's added comment :
Martial Law is not the "Royal Road" to solve the problems of the US, I concur,
though it may be desirable for the incumbent president to forceably overturn the elections.
Imagine, the world would lose confidence in the USA as the leader of the Western Democracies.
No, please don't even consider Martial Law, otherwise I would recommend invoking the 25th. Amendment.
But, the US are on the brink of having a magnificent new administration with the Biden-Harris team.
Still, I remain somewhat worried up and until January 20th.
Knd rgds, Arnaud Rasing from the Netherlands.
(account ArnaudRasingNL)

The Biden-Harris administration {23} will be facing some massive problems to be solved. {24}

Thanksgiving Nov. 26th., 2020

Question by Randy Eddy Delaney Necklace jr.
(a 56 yrs. old cigar-smokin' liquor-lovin' male-caucasian, dpt. sherrif from Atlanta, GA)

Howdy folks, here's my question for you:
"How to grill an oversized lame duck on Thanksgiving?"

Trump Re-Election Fund Dec. 5th., 2020
"Trump, RNC Raised $207.5 Million After Election Day" (Wall Street Journal)

Statement by Maggie 'Proud-Girl' Pumpkin
(a 34 yrs. female-caucasian, non-educated hard-workin' patriot from Haleyville, Winston County, AL)

Look, I was Republican all my life.
And I sticks to it.
And if Trump sayin' the elections 'r being rigged and all that, I believes him.
Now, 'cause the elections was stolen, he askin' for support.
He wantin' dona- ehm, -vications to his kinda Re-Election Fund, or somethin'.
Some are saying' it's over 200 millions now.

I don't care he milli- or billionaire is and payin' no taxes; for that's makin' him smart.
I knows. 
I'm cool with that, you know.
I ain't no fool.
So, pardon me.

For my part he spends all that money privately, - like
on improving all his handicaps on golf, or 
on fruitless court-cases, or 
on his cosey super-spreader events, or
on some other funny monkey business
- I am okay with that, you see.
'Cause I just wants him sittin' in the Oval Office.

So, that's why my last savings 's gone to him; 'bout 5000 dollars.
Just to make sure he stays put and to kinda show my loyaltyness.
It's makin' me feel real proud.
And stop calling me a fool !

Now, get off my property !

A compelling advice

Link2YouTube: DEFCON 3.2 - advice (Dec. 6th., 2020) subtitled
statement (voicemail, 12-06-20)


[KBK] You are listening to the KBK-Worldservice

The following message is a more precise - yet compelling - 
advice on how to proceed in the US.

In brief, the 25th. Amendment should be invoked for obvious reasons.

It is becoming increasingly clear and imperative 
that the Commander in Chief Donald Trump
should be relieved from duty 
because his delusions and mental illness and hence instability 
are posing a real threat to the national integrity and security of the USA.

Mr. Trump should be incarcerated without bail, 
left to be in complete quarantine,
without any means of communication and awaiting trial for high-treason. 

Vice-president Mike Pence should be sworn in for a short span of time
as acting president and thereby as transient CIC also. 
(Might he refuse then Representative miss Nancy Pelosi is next in line.)

In practice, this should be carried out by the combined services of the CIA, NSA and FBI 
under supervision of the US Supreme Commander General Tod Wolters.
Initially, Mr. Trump should be transferred to the Walter Reed Naval Hospital at Bethesda
for observation for a period of 2 months. 
After which he is being safely transported to the SuperMax Prison of Pelican Bay in California.

The US-military should openly pledge allegiance to the Constitution 
and support whole-heartedly president-elect Biden,
ensuring a smooth transition of power 
- without exercising martial law and/or applying lethal force - 
and safe-guarding the institutions of the Republic, 
whereafter mr. Joseph R. Biden 
- effective as of January 20th., 2021 - 
is being affirmed as the new Commander in Chief.

Thank you for listening.
This was Arnaud from the Netherlands.

[Ozzy] Right mate, have a nice day!

report (12-19-20)

W R O N G   T A C T I C S

Diving a little deeper into the wrong tactics executed by the Republican Party and it's Great Leader.
The video is an extract from CNN's program Anderson Cooper 360 (Dec-17-2020).
Coop is interviewing senator Chris Murphy (D).
It confirms that democracy is really at stake in the USA.

Original tape
The complete recording by mobile phone.
The quality of the audio is somewhat poor but still audible.

report (12-24-20)


Now, just before Christmas president Donald Trump (R) pardons dozens of people and leaves Washington in sheer chaos. Since he lost from Joe Biden (D) he has been concentrated on overturning the elections and has not been engaged in the worsening pandemic, nor the massive cyberattack on American institutions, nor the negociations concerning the much-delayed COVID-relief bill.

He has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), leaving military families in doubt about their pay. And he has left the Senate in doubt whether he will sign the COVID-relief-bill, stating people should be granted 2000 dollars instead of the 'ridiculously low' 600. By doing so he has presented the Republicans and especially Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell with a conundrum. Also, he has influenced the run-off elections in Georgia on January 5th. in a destructive manner to the Georgian Republican candidates Perdue and Loefler for they approved this bill and defended it to be 'good for Georgia'. All this might prove to be beneficial to the Democrats, but only if they were to gain a Senate majority.

Meanwhile Trump and his wife Melania have left the White House for Christmas, to be spent at Mar-a-Lago in Florida at their 'humble holiday cabin'. To the americans who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19, from food-insecurity and from facing possible eviction this must feel like a horrible Christmas-present. Quite a lot people are really left behind in indignation.

Follows the interview by Chris Cuomo of CNN with Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director. They are both from Italian descent. Christopher can get emotional sometimes, friend Anthony is somewhat more rational. Incorporated is an extract from an interview with Chris Christie (R), former New Jersey governor and US attorney.

Here is proof of their indignation:


Locally stored video-file is still working. (Video had been blocked by YouTube)
report (12-27-20)


John Berman, in for Anderson Cooper, did two "in-depth psycho-analytic" interviews with journalist and author Tony Schwartz that are being shown in this videoreport.

The first interview was just after the first debate between Donald Trump (R) and Joe Biden (D).
This debate was widely regarded as abhorent, not substantial and repulsive because Trump proved to be a incapable debater and a shouting street-fighter.
During the debate Biden called Trump a "clown" and asked aloud "What is the matter with this guy?".
Tony Schwartz explains how Trump thinks and acts, also, predicts that he would lose the presidential election.

The second interview took place just before Christmas.
Trump was still being in denial that he lost the election and threw a temper tantrum at each and everyone by pardoning friends and associates, vetoing the NDAA-bill and not signing the 900BN COVID-relief-bill.
After which he left Washington in disarray.
Tony Schwartz is dissecting his behaviour.

Both interviews are helpful in understanding the mindset of the incumbent president of the USA.
In fact, Tony Schwartz is making a case for invoking the 25th. Amendment.

By vetoing the 750BN National Defense Authorization Act Trump has halted payraises for US-troops, blocked modernization of equipment and inhibited setting defense policies (like proportional retaliation to massive cyber-attacks).
26th.: Unemployment benefits run out, affecting 12 million of the 20 million unemployed people
28th.: Government funding runs out
31th.: Eviction moratorium expires
Anyway, to a lot of people it must feel like Donald Trump
is behaving like "The Grinch" trying to ruin their Christmas. . .

Breaking news

CNN reports: Trump signs COVID-19 relief and government funding bill (Dec-27-2020, signed at 7:48PM EST). {25}

report (12-30-20)


Jim Sciutto, in for Anderson Cooper, is interviewing Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R).
Mr. Kinzinger is highly critical of the actions of president Trump.

The Congressman adheres to reality, not to fiction.
The long term implications of the present political climate are being indicated.
Honest, he seems to be a little worried about the American democracy as such.

Nowadays many people live in the virtual reality of Twitter and true reality evades them apparently.
As many of them challenge the election results, the call for civil war seems to be amplified.
But, as Representative Kinzinger explains, this is not really desirable as he is well aware of the costs of war having served in the military in war-torn areas.
Mr. Kinzinger expects violence in the streets on January 6th., as the Senate is due to certify the Electoral Votes.
The Congressman explains how the 'Politics of Fear' work effectively for those who are raising money out of self-interest.
He states that both sides of the aisle are involved in money-raising on the basis of instilling fear in the electorate.
(Factually, Trump is being very effective with his 'the election was stolen'-campaign for he has raised well over 200 million dollars.)

Furthermore he states that both sides are to be held accountable for not having the COVID-relief-bill passed far earlier.
Still, he says, finger-pointing would not be helpful as mr. Kinzinger wants people to respect each other and to grow up and to cooperate thereby setting the right example for the children.

report (12-31-20)


On Tuesday 29th., senator Bernie Sanders (I) did a passionate appeal to the Republican senators to endorse a 2000 dollars paycheck instead of the initial 600 dollars paycheck for COVID-relief.
With great clarity and compassion sen. Sanders outlines the problems the Americans are facing as a result of the pandemic.
The economic hardship felt everyday by Americans who spiraled into poverty after losing their jobs is center in his appeal.

The COVID-relief bill has been much delayed through actions of both the main political parties in the US.
Congress could not provide for much earlier relief due to obstructing political strategies mainly stemming from the Senate.
But, just before Christmas 2020, the bill was passed and instantly it met with a veto-threat from president Trump (R).
Trump stated that 600 dollars was far too little and proclaimed that 2000 dollars would be more appropriate.

Now, this split the GOP, for they are against much higher direct payments to empoverished people.
Senate majority leader Mitch mcConnell is the foremost defender of the interests of rich Americans and corporate America.
But if he were to block this augmentation, the GOP would face possible negative implications in the Georgia-runoff.
Since the Democratic candidates Ossoff and Warnock would have more chance to become the two new senators because the Georgians would punish the GOP for it's dishonest attitude. Which would flip the Senate from Republican to Democratic.
Which on it's turn would be marvelous for the Biden-Harris-team , for it could pass new legislation with less obstructions. (WIKI: Cabinet of Biden)
So, sen. McConnell then proposed to have a single vote that comprised all three wishes of president Trump of which two are indigestable to Democrats. Hence the Senate majority leader effectively killed the amendment to raise payments to 2000 dollars.

The GOP has excelled in obstructive behaviour for quite a couple of years now, effectively paralyzing good governance.
The GOP will lose it's majority soon after which the Republican Party has to be looking in the mirror, reinventing itself and coming to grips with the new reality: a Democratic president supported by a Democratic Congress !
Hopefully the GOP will be able to modernize itself and adapt to the new challenges this brand new era is presenting.
Meaning; the 'Era of Obstruction by the McConnell-clan' is over !

report (01-09-21)


Somehow it was to be expected, still, after an intense fight both Democratic candidates won the runoff elections in Georgia.
After Georgia turned blue during the presidential elections of November 3rd., now it is going even some miles further.
The implications are huge, for the Senate will lose it's Republican majority, facilitating the Biden-Harris-team's ambitions.

For historic reasons the Democratic gain is huge; voter-surpression in a southern state like Georgia was common political practice.
The fact that Georgia voted for two regular citizens instead of representatives of the political elite is also highly remarkable.
To the afro-american human-rights movement this is an affirmation for their longlasting struggle for improvement of their position.

First we listen to Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC, Chief Whip) and how he is being optimistic about the final results.
This interview by Anderson Cooper took place just one day before the runoff elections of January 5th., 2021.

Then we move to the day of the elections itself and listen to rev. Warnock and Ossoff; both gracefully accepting their new positions.
Make no mistake. There has never been an afro-american senator from Georgia ! (He preaches in the same church as ML King did.)
CNN's political commentator Van Jones has the final word. It says it all. The chains are broken. Freedom and recognition at last.

So, democracy is working properly, in spite of all the dirty tricks Trump played to try to obstruct the Democratic victories.
A week before the runoff elections Donald Trump called Brat Raffensperger, the Georgian Secretary of State, forcing electoral fraude.
This one-hour long conversation has been recorded and published in the main stream media with devastating consequences for Trump.
Furthermore, he tried to have the certification of the Electoral Votes blocked by VP Mike Pence and some 120 Congressmen.
Plus, on top of it all, he sent a mob down to Washington to have Congress be ransacked and halt the Senate certification-session.
The attempt was thwarted, there were victims and there is consternation about this assault on democracy itself by the president (!).
Now, Trump is facing a second impeachment and possibly even invocation of the 25th. Amendment, if he does not resign.
We'll see what happens. . . . Because, if Trump has his way, the 17th. would be the big insurrection, all over the place. . . .


Link2YouTube: DEFCON 3.9 - plot (Jan. 12th., 2021) subtitled


Locally stored video-file showing a concise report on the insurrection.
report (01-12-21)


In this report two videos are incorporated:
1) a short extract from the interview by Jim Sciutto with rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL, former lt.col.), and
2) the full interview by Pamela Brown with gen. Wesley Clark (retired, former SAC/NATO-commander).

The first interview dates back to one week before Newyear. Rep. Kinzinger expressed concern about possible violence on Wednessday January 6th. in DC. By now, we all now that the Capitol was stormed by an angry mob and that is has been truly very dangerous.
Not only were five lives lost, there could have been more because reports tell that Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence were targeted.

The second interview took place just two days after the insurrection materialized. Gen. Clark poses some down-to-earth questions as to what really occured and how the coup-plot was being manufactured. According to the retired general there would have to be some people behind it in order to facilitate the storming of Congress. Who are the enablers ?
He is asking for a full investigation. Also he wants the prime instigator, president Trump, to be removed from office a.s.a.p.

Now remember, a few days into the new year 10 former Secretaries of Defense came out with a joint declaration. They called for accepting the election results and for a smooth transition of power. They stated that any transition period leaves the US in a vulnerable state where US-enemies might be tempted to attack the US. They stated that the military swore an oath to the Constitution and that it shall never be influencing politics. William Cohen (R) also stated that publishing the letter
- was "highly unusual" but warranted given the "unconstitutional path" Trump has taken the country -.

The incumbent president of the USA Donald Trump is mentally ill. Very ill.
As of this moment he has one more week to go before he leaves office.
No impeachment nor invocation of the 25th. Amendment can stop him from orchestrating 'the grand finale', namely, a nation-wide insurrection with many casualties and absolute chaos in order to declare martial law. . . .

Sofar, the guardrails of democracy have held and it's institutions are still fully functional but, for sure, the stress and strain Trump has put on politics and society are formidable and might be exceeding the payload.
So, the US are not yet 'out of the woods'.

report (01-29-21)


This report incorporates three videos-extracts :
1) the voting in the House of Representatives,
2) the counting of the votes, and
3) the engrossment ceremony; signing the bill by the Speaker.

From the CNN-studio Wolf Blitzer and John King report on the impeachment-voting.
It turned out to be a bipartisan vote beacuse 10 Republicans voted in favour of impeachment.
Most notably Rep. Liz Cheney (R), strongly condemning Trump for instigating the insurrection.

The second impeachment is the response of the House to this bizarre insurrection of January 6th.
President Trump is held accountable for firing up and mobilizing the mob before the assault (incitement).
Some individuals in the investing angry mob were searching for VP Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi.
The crowd shouted 'Hang Mike Pence!' while outside a gallow was being erected.
The office of Nancy Pelosi was being ransacked and her lectern was being carried around.

Initially Republicans like Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Sen. Lindsay Graham condemned Trump also. But after a couple of weeks they turned 180 degrees, flipping in support of Donald Trump. Republicans tried to evade holding Trump accountable for his role in the insurrection. Argueing the impeachment was being unconstitutional or divisive and downplaying Trump's role.
There is fear amongst the Republicans; they are not being clear-headed nor adhering to the truth.
In fact, there is talk of a civil war within the Republican Party; Trump is shredding the party to pieces.
Trump is still pulling the strings as a 'kingmaker' and his followers can still be a threat to Congressmen.
How? Then dive into the stories of Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and Brat Raffensperger (R-GA).

President Biden has said: 'It must happen' with regard to the impeachment procedures.
But it is not being helpful to try to get bipartisan support not only for his nominees' approval by the Senate
but most urgently for passing the long-postponed solid COVID-relief bill (meanwhile with a whopping 1900 BN-USD pricetag).

report (02-08-21)


This report incorporates two videos-extracts :
1) Becky Anderson (CNN Connect the world) interviewing David Gergen, and
2) the press conference of Nancy Pelosi.

The United States are at the crossroads; the chaotic Trump-administration is being replaced by the moderate and pragmatic approach of the Biden-Harris team.
Still, in American society tens of millions of people believe the elections were fraudulent.

David Gergen is a political commentator who has advised four presidents:
Richard Nixon (R), Gerald Ford (R), Ronald Reagan (R) and Bill Clinton (D).
David comments on the decomposition of the Grand Old Party, the implications for the impeachment trial in the Senate, the Biden-plan for combatting the Corona-crises and the dangers of misleading many people into believing in the big lie that the elections were being rigged and stolen away from Trump, resulting in the Divided States of America.
David reluctantly dares to compare the present situation with Germany and it's big lie after it lost the Great War, a lie that founded the rise of Hitler and Nazism.
Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
She was being targeted by the mob during the insurrection on January 6th.
She is still being very emotionally touched by this outragious event and is feeling appalled by expressions of vile anti-semitism on the floor of Congress.

What transpired on Capitol Hill is in fact an assault by white-supremacists who are being afraid of the consequences of becoming some sort of minority in the United States.
In 1965 about 90 % of the US-population was white, nowadays it is some 60 %.

report (02-12-21)


This report incorporates one video-extract:
CNN's anchorwoman Fredericka Whitfield is talking to CNN's reporter Whitney Wild.

White nationalists with white supremacy ideology stormed the Capitol on January 6th., incited by Trump.
Increasingly, The FBI has identified the perpetrators, one of which is exposed here.

Now there is a pretty specimen of a white supremacist with little tolerance for coloured people.
He is referring to immigrants as "replacements", suggesting they take over the jobs from whites.
Just Google "Kyle Fitzsimmons Lebanon Conan Daily" for his biography and current FBI-status.
Ayanna lashes out against white supremacists and their violence; it has to stop.
Eradicating white supremacy needs to occur at all levels, including that of the white-nationalist called Trump.
She states that for generations black people had to clean up the mess violent white supremacists left behind.
It is actually shown in the images.

In order to seriously eradicate white supremacy, you also have to hold accountable former president Trump and
as a consequence convict him in the impeachment-trial, the Congresswoman signals.

The subtitles are in sync with the audio, but the video-images are not in sync with the audio.

report (02-14-21)


This report incorporates one video-extract: CNN's anchorman Don Lemon interviews Natasja Alford.
Also comprised is a clip of the speech of impeachment manager del. Stacey Plaskett.
At the end we watch Capitol policeman Eugene Goodman being heralded by the Senate.

During the trial in the Senate leading up to the vote whether to convict Donald Trump, the impeachment managers did a remarkable job in making a case for conviction. They presented the evidence with carefully prepared videomaterial and with solid and sound pleas. There was genuine appreciaton for their excellent work, indeed, also from the GOP.
The Trump lawyer team did not impress at all, in fact they failed to convincingly argue that Trump should be acquited and that all charges were invalid based on the 1st Amendment's right to free speech.
This team also produced videomaterial but of a lesser quality and content that could not rebuke the allegations.
It was being counterproductive and served for a one-man-only audiance: Donald J. Trump.
Still, they knew most GOP-Senators would not be in favour of voting 'guilty' (but considering their own political CV).

Del. Stacey Plaskett's performance as an impeachment manager really impressed; her words had such moral authority that one wonders what the GOP-Senators are more afraid of: the true words of Stacey or the deeds of Donald.
In the end - as we all know by now - fear for Trump's agressive MO prevailed; The GOP remains Trump's Party.
By voting with 57 finding guilty (50D+7R) and 43 finding not guilty (43R), the Senate acquited Trump.
Most stunning were the comments Mitch McConnell made afterwards: he strongly condemned Trump's behaviour and
accused him of having instigated - and being responsible for - the insurrection though he voted 'not quilty'.
Nancy Pelosi exploded afterwards stating the he deliberately delayed the trial until after Biden's inauguration.
And with that trick he would be able to claim that the impeachment trial was being unconstitutional because
'a former president cannot be impeached and convicted', an opinion not being asserted by legal experts.
This too underlines the grave crisis the GOP is in; it's very existence is at stake, hence the hypocrisy.

The subtitles are in sync with the audio, but the video-images are not in sync with the audio.

report (02-17-21)


This report incorporates one video-extract: CNN's anchorman Wolf Blitzer interviews Lt.Gov. Geoff Duncan (GA).

Back in December 2020 Donald Trump - in his infinite wisdom - called Secretary of State Brat Raffensperger with
the polite request to find him some votes he needed to win the election in Georgia but Brat did not cooperate well.
Instead, Brat recorded the phonecall and, what is worse, published it so others could learn about the contents.
This phonecall proved to be yet an another example of the refined, nice and civilized way Trump treats people.
Trump was merely asking the Secretary to put aside some annoying political and legal conventions and a couple of obstructive rules and just assist him to stay in power as president. That's all, there's nothing to it, really.

Now, it appears that Trump might have violated the national law of Georgia with his request for some votes.
Rather odd, because we all know that Trump has been a law-abiding citizen and a prudent president who never would
engage in criminal and/or fraudulent practices, and surely, would never-ever lie about anything. Right ?

Well, the legal proceedings should not be taking too long after which he will be sent to prison for a few days.

But that's not all of it because Trump will be facing an avalanche of lawsuits. Some are already in place, others start now or will be prepared for soon as many lawyers and DA's feel greenlighted by minority leader Mitch McConnell.
All in all, we may assume they will expose his endeavors as a trust-worthy businessman, as a honest politician, highlight his heroic role in the January 6th. insurrection and also show his examplary woman-friendly behaviour.

Expect all this to be rolling out in the next decade. And gradually, piece by piece, bit by bit, molecule by molecule,
Trump will be filleted and dismembered and become empoverished and be stripped of all prerogatives:
leaving him in splendid isolation behind bars without friends and with a lot of hateful enemies outside his perimeter.

As an appetizer Georgia goes first, demonstrating Trump's conduct is indeed subject to investigation and litigation.

PBS Newshour on Trump's legal problems:
Jody Woodruff interviews WNYC Andrea Bernstein, video with transcript: PBS interview Woodruff-Bernstein

Trump tweet

GOP 2.0
Under construction (on the wishlist off Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R) from Georgia {26} )

(12-14-20) ‘Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell leaves Republican Party over efforts to overturn election’ (WXYZ).


This section shows the correspondence via email with teachers George and Liz from California.

The European text is in blue, the American in gray. Messages are shown in chronological order.

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Arnaud ➜ George and Liz Wednesday Dec. 9th., 2020 (06:06 CET)
subject: [Arnaud] from the Netherlands has a message

Dear George and Liz,

hopefully you are doing well.

We met in 2013 in France after the blizzard and the thefts on the camping at Nevers.
We shared a cabin.
Back then I felt traumatized.
Eversince things have evolved for the better.

Maybe you would like to view my page on the US elections 2020.
If possible send me your comments.
The website is fully marked up in english.

Kind regards,
George Griffin ➜ Arnaud Wednesday Dec. 9th., 2020 (16:12 CET)

Hi Arnaud,
Yes, we remember you. It was a crazy few days and we were fortunate to have a dry place to shelter. We're glad to hear you are well.

I looked over your website. Interesting.
From my perspective here in the USA, living through the Trump presidency, it is apparent that Trump is simply a corrupt businessman and criminal.
Fortunately he is also an incompetent one. I think he has been focused on personal gain throughout his life.
He seemed to have run for president as an opportunity to become better known, strengthen his brand, and maybe make money.
I really don't think he thought he had a chance at winning, and when he stumbled into the presidency he saw as another opportunity for power and money.
He has used everything in his power to enrich himself. He has been an absolute disaster as a leader.

The past weeks since the election has been a test for our democracy.
He has tried everything in his power, legal and illegal, to influence the election's outcome.
Many members of the Republican party have not stood up to him for fear of reprisal.
In our system, there is a two step election process.
The first is for the party to select a candidate.
Trump is threatening his party members with a challenge at the first level so very few are willing to oppose him.
There have been a few though, and it appears we will survive trump.

Good luck with your endeavours.
Be well and stay safe.
Arnaud ➜ George and Liz Friday Dec. 11th., 2020 (10:07 CET)

Dear George and Liz,

thank you for your articulated answer.

I can concur with your analysis, though I will be trying to offer a somewhat different angle.
It is most fortunate indeed, that Trump is notoriously incompetent; fortunate in respect to his limited shelf life.
On the other hand, he leaves a trail of destruction in the US due to his mis-management of the pandemic, for one.
And he has contaminated the White House population as well.
The virus must be very grateful to him.

If I remember correctly you were being professionals in the field of education and residing in California.
Now, you most certainly have experienced dark clouds of smoke and have possibly seen the trail of destruction by the wildfires.
Also, in school, how the pandemic has disrupted educational practices.
Nowadays, the bigger part of California is under lock-down.
All this must feel like very scary (that is an understatment).
My thoughts are with you.

It is striking that almost simultaniously populism found ground in the US and the UK.

In the polls preceeding the Brexit-referendum they forgot about the rural areas.
The result of the Brexit-referendum was almost too close to call; 52% said yes and 48% said no.
The margin was so small that it should not have been considered as legitimate enough to justify the fundamental changes brexit entails.
Still, as we all know, the conservative brits have pushed this forward.
It is very unwise; international cooperation is the way forward and not isolationism and/or nationalism.
Negociations have proven to be very difficult between the UK and the EU; a hard brexit is imminent.
(And it is also geopardizing the Good Friday Agreement in N-Ireland that kept the peace for so long. We'll see about that.)

But nationalism and populism are all over the place; in Turkey, in Russia, in Brasil, the Philipines and some countries within the EU (Hungary, Poland) as well.
Populist movements are present in Germany, France and Italy too, although they are being curtailed and blocked from executional power.
Over here, in The Netherlands, their representatives are loudly present too but they are mostly fighting each other; they are being very divided and chaotic.

So, we are seeing a rise of populism everywhere as a sign of the times.
Just as nationalism (& feodalism) was, preceeding WW1, and fascism was, preceeding WW2.

I have been following the news at CNN about 24/7 since the outbreak of the pandemic in January 2020;
learning to know many journalists, commentators, key players, politicians, epidemiologists, scientists and doctors and
teaching me more and more about the inner workings of the USA.

So, I watched a couple of dramas unfold:
1 - the ill-managed pandemic spiraling out of hand,
2 - George Floyd's death and all the demonstrations throughout the USA that ensued (BLM-movement),
3 - the hurricanes in the Gulf (LA, MS, AL), violent storms destroying crops in the center, and the enormous wildfires on the west-coast (CA, OR),
4 - the very exciting elections on November 3rd. and everything that is surrounding it and that ensued.

Especially the political side to all that got me inspired to write the provoqio/defcon-webpage; out of a mix of curiosity, amazement and worry.
And I admit that my pen-fruits always tend too be a tiny bit cynical. It's my style.
Still, syntaxis-, conceptional- and construction- errors might be found.
Please let me know where I have to apply corrections.

By the way, as the situation is fluid and ever developing in the States in a rapid pace, the defcon-page is also prone to change.

The polarisation between Republicans and Democrats and the loss of trust in the political system might paralyse the USA even more.
The implications of politicizing issues that should not be politicized like the pandemic (wearing masks, vaccination etc.) are grave.
The virus does not distinguish between blue or red states etc.
Trump has made a series of serious errors here (throwing logs and fuel over the pre-existing divisions) and it will be hard to repair the damage.

Right now, Trump and Texan Ted Cruz e.a. are violating The States' Rights of PA, MI, WI and GA., contesting and trying to discard their election result.
As I recall, the first American Civil War was also (partly) being ignited about the issue of these rights.
Is commencing a Second Civil War what the Trumpians and the Proud Boys e.a. are looking for ?

Trump does not care about human life.
Most authoritarian leaders don't.
For sure, it is tricky and dangerous until Jan. 20th.

Still, I strongly believe in the potential of the Biden-Harris team to put an end to the exagerated divisions and to heal your nation.

We are witnessing the last convulsions of the Old Order which has it's foundations in the 19th. century with short- and one-sighted ideologies and toxic technologies.
I believe we are entering the Second Age of Enlightenment; in which science and technology determine the political discourse and progress
and where, human-, earth- and animal-rights are being safeguarded (under law and through norms) by citizens, companies, corporations and institutions alike.

The Biden-Harris team will give the USA a fundamental new headstart after all unimaginable challenges are being met
and in the process will regain the kind of national and global leadership that has been lacking for a couple of years.
For it is evident that absence of leadership creates chaos and disorder and leads to undesirable (side- & longterm-) effects.

We are all yearning for peace, normalcy and prosperity.

- -

Stay well, stay safe, stay alive.

Kind regards and Merry Christmas,

Arnaud Rasing from Nijmegen, The Netherlands
George Griffin ➜ Arnaud Wednesday Dec. 13th., 2020 (05:34 CET)

Hello Arnaud,

You wrote a great deal and there are just a couple of things I would like to share.

As you said, Trump is notoriously incompetent. What is worse is his corruption.
That has been apparent from the beginning.
His challenges to our democracy stems from his corruption.
He has used everything possible to corrupt those around him and bend them to his will in order to maintain his position and power.
He has failed and will soon be gone.
Keep an eye on the criminal investigations going on in New York State.
I believe he will be indicted soon after he is out of office.

We HAVE had a horrendous couple of years of drought and wildfires.
It's a function of climate change.
Our winters are drier and our summers have been hotter.

I have retired from teaching, but Liz is still employed.
Most teaching now is remote learning through the internet.

Covid-19 is not scary. We are very careful, limit our exposure to just a few people that we trust and mostly keep to ourselves.
Right now the number of cases is rapidly increasing and many people have failed to take precautions.
Thankfully, we have a vaccine coming on.

We have had a gradual change over the past 40 years that I think has led to this divide.
The Republicans have struggled to maintain a large base.
Their platform has left them more out of touch with most working people.
They have stayed relevant through gerrymandering of election districts.
This protects candidates from both parties from losing.
The representatives districts are strongly aligned with one party or the other.
This allows a representative of a district, because of the oddly drawn boundaries, to not have to moderate his/her positions to appeal to a wider electorate.
As a result we have the polarization we are witnessing.
Additionally, the Republican Party actively works to limit voting by the poor, minority, and urban voters who all tend to be Democrats.
As that has been less effective they have tried to win in the courts this past election, what they could not win at the ballot box.

Arnaud ➜ George and Liz Dec. 13th., 2020 (11u32 CET)

Dear George and Liz,

Thank you for your response

I have to read it a couple of times to properly understand what is going on, I mean, that which we see above the surface and that which are the underlying currents.
It looks like the system of districts is becoming counter-productive. The Constitution leaves room for another approach. Is it not?

For now, SCOTUS rejected a bid to overthrow election results in MI, WI, PA and GA:
a huge, yet predictable, blow to Trump's ambitions (and, yes, I affirm; he is being corrupt !).
Still, he might be trying to have the Electoral Colleges to vote contra-constitutional on Monday the 14th., we'll see.

We all want Trump to be in our rearview-mirror soon.
Meanwhile, the GOP has to re-invent itself. Who will take the lead ? Surely, not Mitch McConnell.

There is light at the end of the tunnel; with the vaccine and a brand new administration.
The wildfires due to drought and climate-change will be addressed,
so will be the augmentation of the ocean's temperature altering the currents of the oceanografic belt (of warm and cold water).
It looks like everything is entwined.
Biden and Kerry c.s know.
Hence the holistic - inclusive - scientific-based approach.
And thus, the 'Era of Living in Denial' is coming to an end.

In 2003 I bought the book 'The Hydrogen Economy' (the creation of the worldwide energy web and the redistribution of power on earth) by Jeremy Rifkin.
Now, 17 years later, part of his ideas could be put to practice.
I would not be surprised if mr. Rifkin would be asked for some advice by the Biden-Harris administration.

- - -

With your permission I will add our correspondence to the DEFCON-webpage (subject to improvement).
Or, maybe you have a better idea?

I do appreciate our correspondence very much.

Kind regards,

George Griffin ➜ Arnaud Sunday Dec. 13th., 2020 (15:01 CET)

Feel free to use what I've written.


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SCOTUS one-liner
Source: CNN

tweet Lin Wood
Source: Business Insider
AR in het Nederlands: "Men is duidelijk van het padje af daar in de VS."

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  3. (01-07-21) ‘Democrats win control of U.S. Senate as Ossoff defeats Perdue’ :article (Washington Post)
  4. (01-07-21) ‘Congress completes electoral count, finalizing Biden's win after violent delay from pro-Trump mob’:article (CNN)
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  9. (12-07-20) ‘U.S. judge rejects pro-Trump election suit as ''speculation and conjecture'' ’:article (Bridge Michigan)
  10. (12-08-20) ‘Supreme Court rejects Pennsylvania Republicans' attempt to block Biden victory’:article (CNN)
    ‘The application of injunction relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.’
  11. (12-12-20) ‘Supreme Court rejects Texas' and Trump's bid to overturn election’:article (CNN). SCOTUS:
    The State of Texas's motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution.
    Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.
    All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.
  12. (01-03-21) ‘'I just want to find 11,780 votes': In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor’:article (Washington Post)
  13. (12-04-20) ‘Trump declares Georgia's GOP governor a 'moron' and 'nutjob' as Republican civil war intensifies’:report (Raw Story)
  14. (12-02-20) Trump lawyer Joe diGenova declares during a radio-interview:
    ''Anybody who thinks the election went well,
    like that idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity.
    That guy is a class A moron.
    He should be drawn and quartered.
    Taken out at dawn and shot.''
  15. (12-02-20) AG Bill Barr declares:
    ''the U.S. Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud
    that could change the outcome of the 2020 election''
  16. (12-14-20) ‘Attorney General William Barr resigns, effective Dec. 23’ :article (CNBC)
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  19. (12-01-20) Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is assasinated.
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  27. (12-01-20) Dr. Scott Atlas resigns.

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