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May 24, 2020, 08:57:51 PM
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[TOC] Table of Contents | Topics Constructions AZ
title Triquetra
category celtic

specimen, sample, try-out
measurements (mm) 292 x 148
materials plywood 12 mm
SVG design
download SVG celtic_Triquetra.svg (12.7 KB)
open SVG celtic_Triquetra.svg (shows image in a new tab-page)
explanation The depicted SVG is a compiled file, namely an object-file derived from a .SAVAGE-source.
The image itself is the result of an algorithm specifying the dimensions and the matrix etc.
SAVAGE is developed by Arnaud as a CMS to his collection of SVG-designs.
More info can be obtained by sending me an email with your requests.
(info at verfkabouter dot nl) OR (arnaud dot rasing at gmail dot com)
legend SVG-images are correctly shown in FireFox and Safari, however, in Chrome and IE they might slightly differ.

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