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May 20, 2018, 05:19:24 AM
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[TOC] Table of Contents

The manufacturing of a painted board in six steps

step 1 : Preparation and design

At first a new board is being abraded and painted with minium.

On the computer the design is being transferred to a SVG-file so as to be able to scale it to the measurements of the board.

The final design is printed on several sheets of paper covering the whole board each representing a specific part of the whole design. The sheets are being glued to the board.

step 2 : Gouging

With the aid of whittlings, chisels and gouges letters and/or images are being carved. In general this is labor-intensive.

step 3 : Milling

With a machine (Proxxon or Dremel) the letters and/or images are being milled and grinded.

Eventually corner-holes are being drilled for later fastening or hanging.

Now minium has to be applied to the carved parts (yet another day of drying).

step 4 : Grinding

The board is now ready to be treated with the sander thereby removing the paper also.

Again mimium is being applied to the front and the sides.

This guarantees that the carved parts and the sides have a second layer of protective minium.

step 5 : Undercoating

Depending on the livery several layers of white or gray undercoat are being applied with brushes (for the carved parts) and paint rollers.

The backside and sides too need undercoating, this way the vulnerable sides are being treated twice.

step 6 : Topcoating

From here the carved parts are being painted with a brush.

With paint rollers the front and sides are topcoated.

After drying the backside and the sides are being topcoated.

This proces is repeated until the result is satisfactory. If so, then yet another - final - layer of topcoat is being applied to the front and the sides.

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