The Yellow Banner is raised

Let us go, terrible children of the homeland,
against us is a lot of bullshit. . .
Let us proudly wear the yellow vests from now on
Let us walk the roads to give them the signal. . .

  Arnaud Rasing
  Saint Nicolas 2018
  Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum

  French, fr: Égalisipation Civile
  German, de: Bürgerliche Gleich-Erschaltung
  Dutch, nl: Civiele Gelijk-Schakeleficering
  English, en: Civic-Equalizipation
  Italian, it: Ugualeficazione Civile
wikipedia Yellow vests movement
Hear the immoral and sly politicians
with their nice words and tricks of repression
that torture our innocent children,
we are being so fed up.

We are going to combat them fiercely
in the country
in our cities
in our streets
where the beach lies under the tiles.

To make them understand
that we have had enough of it,
that we are utterly tired of,
and are being disgusted by idiot taxes
by the neo-liberal and mean repression and
by the poverty that oppresses and wears us out. . .
by the lack of solidarity and warmth.

Overthrow this perfidious system
Let us go towards true liberty,
to finally achieve real equality and
to feel profound brotherhood in the end.
We are going to demand all that
with our hands around their throats.

Yet again, it is going to stink into their noses.
It is over with the parasites, these profiteers
It is over the reign of money that has casted us in slavery
It is over with the obscurity
caused by the lack of morality and spirituality
Comes the clarity of the real human spirit
comes the era according to humane proportions
that will be maintained: for everyone !





Vive la CE!

GM Déclaration

SE Déjeuner en paix

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