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[KnowledgeBase] information

Welcome to The Paintgnome!
Thic forum acts like a knowledgebase.

All my work - be it artistic or cultural by nature - is comprised.
Works in dutch have been excluded, though.
I do hope you can take delict in my art.

All information can be viewed but commenting is turned off to quests.
I you like to be a registered user, you have to apply for an account via email.
Send your request to arnaud dot rasing at gmail dot com
This procedure is neccesary in order to prevent spambots to do their destructive work.

Board index

The forum has the following compartments:
  • General information
    • introducing the [KnowledgeBase] and the [Gallery]
      • About about this very forum like welcome, membership etc.
      • Agenda topics coupled to a specfic date
  • Artistic production
    • Marquetry planks with diverse filling materials
    • Painted boards colorful boards
    • Painted objects homes, interiors, statues, eggcartons, boat etc.
      • Fipronella this sections shows all the painted eggcartons and eggs
      • Objects painted objects like a boat or little statues
    • Achievements videos, plays, photoalbums, constructions
      • Videos this sections shows all the (non-dutch) movies
      • Plays The Trilogy: the one and only play in english
      • Albums a wide variety of photoalbums: arts ands crafts, expositions and photoshoots
      • Constructions designs based on plywood or hard-board
      • Graphics posters, stamps, booklets and printed matter


Links that lead directly to an explanation of the artistical productions.

Alfabetical lists

The links below lead to an overview of a collection of items.

Table of Contents (TOC)

In order to help you straight away the following indices will guide you: The Table of Contents (TOC) is gegerated by VK_stamp: software developed by me that helps to maintain the contents of this forum.
Details of all items like boards, planks, videos etc. etc. are being updated during a short compilation lasting a few seconds.
In this short timespan hundreds of topics are updated and all the TOCs are being written.

The TOC is showing the items in two coloms: one sorted alfabetically and the other categorically and secondly by name.

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